How to play a craps game

Playing craps for the first time is hectically confusing. There is a certain basic logic to it, which you will figure out after we run you through a few pointers on playing craps.

Craps really looks far scarier than it actually is, but stick with us and we will sort that out. You help you in figuring out the game and getting in some practice, you need to download one of the casinos on this site and register a guest account. With a guest account you will be allowed to play online craps for free for as long as you like. This you will never get at a regular casino and it is definitely the best way to learn how casino games work and to practice your skills.

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A game of craps is played with two dice on a table (slightly different from other gaming tables as it has raised sides) called a craps pit. The first thing to focus on is that in online gambling craps you will first try to establish a “point”. You then try to roll this number again beforge you roll a 7, which is known as craps.

The numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 can be point numbers and all of the other numbers have special meanings depending on when they are rolled. This is applicable before and after a point is established. The payoffs are made based on the number that the dice come to a standstill on.

The first roll of the dice is called the “come out” roll and this begins a new series of rolls for the shooter (the one throwing the dice). If there were more than one player at a table, each player would have to wait their turn at rolling the dice. The cool thing about online craps is that you will always be able to play and you would never need to wait for other players. At regular casinos, you would be sharing the craps pit with a number of players.

Before the come out roll, you need to bet either on yourself or against yourself. This may sound a little weird, but the option is offered to you. Regular casinos offer this bet to people at the craps who are not playing at that specific moment.

There are many different bets to place in a game of craps and it would be best if you download one of the casinos on this site, register a guest account and try out some of the bets mentioned below to give you an idea of how the game works. Once you are comfortable playing the game, move on to playing for real money and try and take some money off the casino!

Betting on the Pass Line (betting on the shooter)
If you roll either a 7 or 11 on your come out roll you win automatically. This is called a natural. However if a roll is a 2, 3 or a 12 it is called craps and you lose the bet placed on the pass line.

Should you roll any other number however, this number would become your point number and you win if you repeat the point before a 7 is rolled and you lose if you roll a 7 before reaching the pouint again.

Still with us?

Betting on the Don’t Pass Line (betting against the shooter)
This world in the reverse order of the previous bet. You lose when rolling a 7 or 11 and when you roll a 2 or 3, you win. The one exception is if you roll a 12, it is called a standoff roll and no one wins. If you role one of the other numbers, it becomes the opint and you win if you roll a 7 before the point is rolled again.

Come Bets (similar to the pass line bet)
Come bets are bets where you bet with the dice. You can place these bets at any time after the come out roll. You will win on naturals and lose on craps (2, 3 and 12). Any other number becomes the point and you will win if a the point is called before a 7 is rolled.

Don’t Come Bets (similar to a Don’t Pass Line bet)
The don’t come bet is the reverse of the come bet. Everything works similar in payoffs to a don’t pass bet, but the only difference is that this bet can be placed at any time after the come out roll has been done.

This covers the very basics of what you need to know for now. This will get you rolling the dice without any problems in no time. There are regular updated made to our craps blog, which you will find from ourĀ home page.